A change of atmosphere

I have been working for almost twelve straight days. True, I was technically "off" last Wednesday, but once I got my mom home from her medical procedure (all went well, thank goodness), I worked at home. So, today, I was trying my best to concentrate and read galleys (VERY important stage...more errors caught the better), but it just wasn't happening. I felt like the walls of my office were closing in on me.

I am sure that it is true of all office situations, but working with words has always required the right atmosphere for the right time--at least, for me it does. Most of the time, I am fine editing in my office. But on a day like today, when I have been at it for so long, I just needed something different--otherwise, there really was no point.

So, I decided to spend half the day at the coffee shop. At first, I thought that I would go to the library coffee shop on campus, but then I remembered that the tables are like bar tables (high off of the ground), and that is no good for me! So, I ended up at Barnes and Noble instead. And you know what? It was great! I finished all of my editing and even added in everyone else's edits to the master copy! (I know that sounds like a foreign language, but trust me when I say that this usually takes a really long time because I feel like my head is spinning trying to get through each reader copy to add them to the master copy.)

I am grateful that I can do this on occasion. Like I said, usually I am fine in the office...I have a beautiful and very large office (an old bedroom). But, I just needed a fresh space (and the iced mocha didn't hurt, either).

So, now I feel productive and like I can finish the week strong tomorrow. Thank you to my coworkers for understanding!!


Amy said…
Glad all went well with your mom!

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