Dear Florida Sen. J. D. Alexander: You should be ashamed.

You are a horrible blot on the already suffering  political system in play. Your bully politics aimed towards the University of South Florida brings shame upon you. You are playing with students' and educators' futures. You are trying to disable a thriving source of employment--the third largest in Tampa.

I only attended USF for one year of PhD studies, but I loved every minute. My professors were and are amazing. Experiencing their talent and dedication for a single year did more for me than most of my years of education combined. I had the privilege of being both a student and an educator while I was there--and it changed me for the better. The memories I have of my former students still inspire me six years after having left the campus. They were amazing and hard working. Their futures give me hope.

I also have a deep love and loyalty for USF, something I had never felt for a school before attending there. For you, Alexander, to push for 58 percent of their budget to be cut is an outrage--especially because you are only doing it in revenge. Everyone understands that cuts will be made statewide, but to singe USF out as part of a vendetta because they dared to disagree with you and fired one of your friends...well, that just proves you are unfit to represent anyone.

NOTE: For those of you who are unfamiliar with what is going on, please see today's Tampa Tribune article:  Sen. J. D. Alexander Plans Mayhem for USF.  OR see: PolitiFact Florida: Understanding the USF Budget Battle.


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