It's a girl!

No, I am not pregnant, of course! But, we finally broke down and adopted a new dog. It has been quite a journey, but this is Madison. She is the newest love of our lives! Such a sweet and gentle dog.

I had mixed feelings about getting another dog, especially after it was so hard on me to lose Casey. But I found myself wanting one more and more...esp.when my car was broken into a couple of weeks ago! And, dad has really wanted another dog, and it is so good for him to have one around.

I had already started looking for a new dog, but I had to be very selective. We wanted to adopt or rescue a dog, so I have been checking the PetFinder site for a while. There were some great dogs, but many of them had issues that I just couldn't take a chance on when it came to dad. Basically, we needed another dog like Casey. I knew I didn't want a puppy, but I didn't want to bring in an elderly dog either, as we have already been through so much with Casey. I searched and searched, trying to find a dog that was calm and gentle, good on a leash, good around people and other animals (for when we walk), etc. Well, I found Madison on Monday afternoon. By Monday night, I had set up an appointment with Madison's SPCA foster mom, and mom and I met her on Tuesday night. Shannon, Madison's mom, let us take her that night for a trial. We had the home check today and signed the final papers. So, it is now official! And it has been killing me not to announce it earlier!

Madison is super gentle and sweet. She is just lovely. It is taking her a while to settle in, because she is so shy and she has been shuffled around so much. But she is perfect for us. Actually, for a rescue dog, we know a lot about her background--and that always helps.

So, here we go! Casey was the joy of my life, but I know that he would love Madison. In fact, they probably would have been great friends. Welcome to your new home, Madison!


Amy said…
James said…
Susie said…
Thanks, Amy!
Susie said…
I know, James! Dad is so thrilled!

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