A slight change to "Susie's Blog"...

Hi, everyone! There will be slight change in content on this blog. I am experimenting with the WordPress platform for work, so I have decided to start a new blog over there. I will continue to blog on this site--but only personal posts about life, news, events, etc. The new blog at WordPress will be for my book reviews only.

So, you can go over to my new blog at WordPress: The Friendly Reader! I really like WordPress so far, but there are things I like about Blogger, too. So, like I said, this personal blog will continue! But, if you come here for book discussion/reviews, then definitely subscribe to The Friendly Reader. I have placed an E-mail subscription option on the page, and I hope you will stop by! As you will see, the blog also has a link to a Twitter feed, so you can join that too, if you want! The first review should be up in a couple of days.

Also, I have another Blogger blog just for Victorian literature discussion and book reviews, "One Word More", and another about Augusta Webster (though it doesn't have any content yet) called "Destined with the Mission."

Be warned, however: I don't update it as often as I would like!

Have a great weekend!


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