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My sweet friend, Elizabeth

Thank you to Cynthia, who sent me this lovely picture of my friend Elizabeth. As you know, Elizabeth recently died of esophageal cancer. I had only one photo of her--luckily of the two of us together--but it did not feature her curly hair (natural) and how she would want to be remembered, which is all dressed up and looking beautiful! Elizabeth had such a glow about her. I think this picture captures it so well. So, thank you, Cynthia, for sending that to me!

Did they even read the book????

Article about racist tweets pertaining to The Hunger Games.

(More about this here.)


Did these people not even read the book???

Collins clearly states that Rue has dark skin, but race is ambiguous at best in The Hunger Games. The reason: I think it is because the message comes down to ideas about class and war and all kinds of things that affect people of all races.

I suppose that to some people "dark skin" can also mean a great tan...BUT: It also shouldn't matter. Death is death, and it is sad that people think a child's death is "not as sad" because the child is black. Disgusting. These people should be ashamed of themselves.

I have read commentary about people being disappointed that Kat was white. In the book, Collins says that she has olive skin....which could mean that she could be represented by an actor of many races--white, black, Asian, Hispanic, etc.--or a biracial actor. I can understand some of the arguments stating that the alignment b…

Review of Francine Prose's "Anne Frank: The Book, The Life, The Afterlife"

For my review of Francine Prose's Anne Frank: The Book, The Life, The Afterlife is up at The Friendly Reader!

The review of "The Hunger Games" that sums up some of my concerns much better than I can at the moment!

Review: The Hunger Games: the movie

On Friday afternoon, I went to see The Hunger Games! As many of you know, I am a *huge* fan of the books, and, as always when seeing a movie adapted from a book, my concern is, "Did they get it right??"
I am happy to say that they did. The film version of The Hunger Games is remarkable in its casting and script, its visual effects, and, quite simply, its mood. The experience of seeing the film was both wonderful and sad, because I have such emotional attachment to the series. I bought the first book on December 21, and Elizabeth called me the next day and told me that she had cancer. The books were a sort of refuge for me during that time.

You all know how I feel about the series. I think the books and the many messages to be taken from them are important. Very important. The story isn't original--it is a retelling of Theseus and the Minotaur story, after all, and other books with similar plots have been written--but it goes so much further than other stories. The dept…


I am so happy that it finally rained today! And it rained allllllllll day!! 

I have dealt with horrible allergy issues over the last few weeks--especially the last two weeks. So, the rain was a welcome event. Here's hoping it washed some of the pollen away!

The Small House at Allington, by Anthony Trollope

The review has been posted at "The Friendly Reader"!

The Selfish Giant (by Oscar Wilde, Dan Goeller, Chris Beatrice, and Martin Jarvis)

A few weeks ago, I received a very kind e-mail from Dan Goeller. Dan happened upon my post about Oscar Wilde's sons--Cyril, in particular--and he told me about a very special project he had recently completed. It turns out that Dan, a talented composer who has worked with the National Symphony, the Nashville Symphony, the Arkansas Symphony, and many others, recently composed music to accompany a new children's book adaptation of Oscar Wilde's short fairy tale "The Selfish Giant." Dan asked if I would be willing to review the book and I eagerly agreed, of course, because I love Wilde's work! As per blog rules, I must disclose to you that though I was approached to review the book, I have not been told what to say. So, everything below is my own opinion!

For those of you unfamiliar with Oscar Wilde's fairy tales, you might be very surprised to know that they largely convey traditional Victorian values and often convey a message grounded in Christian theolo…

Happy 1st Birthday, Mylee!


Elizabeth Lemon, My Dear Friend, I Will Miss You.

My dear friend Elizabeth passed away today due to complications from esophageal cancer. She remains one of the most wonderful friends I have had the privilege to know. We met in library school back  in the 2004-2005 school year and, despite the age difference, became close very quickly.

But Elizabeth and I became more than friends...more like sisters. During our second semester, we had to travel back and forth to Gadsden for a class once a month. It was during one of those trips that I experienced some devastating news and Elizabeth helped me through it, telling me her own life story that made my small loss seem totally insignificant. That wasn't her point, of course, but out of that evening a connection was strengthened between us. Over the years, we never lost touch or our ability to talk about anything.

Yes, Elizabeth: it was indeed a "God thing" between us.

I love you and miss you already. But I am so glad that you slipped out of this world and into the next with si…

No Name by Wilkie Collins

I have reviewed No Name...finally! I have added the review on my book review blog at The Friendly Reader.

Spring Break, Day 1: Madison experiences the Quad

Today, sweet Madison and I, along with Mom, went out to the Quad. It was such a beautiful day, and we decided to pose next to the tulips in front of Denny Chimes. A great day to spend some time with the sweet pup! Happy Spring, everyone!

The future of privacy in literature and film; Or, a long rant that leads to discussion of Victorian literature, horror films, the Duggars, and (of course) the Hunger Games.

I just had an interesting conversation with my boss (and very good friend) about the future of privacy. I think of the important role privacy has played throughout literature, and the thought that the next generation may have no understanding of the private moment as a dramatic device or meaningful plot moment really concerns me.

We got onto this discussion when I told her about various Apps on iPhones and iPads having access to your personal information--information like your contacts list and your text messages. Then, she brought up the excellent point that so many of the young people in the generations coming up have no concept of privacy. Everything is out there for everyone to see (usually on Facebook or Twitter)--their baby photos, their mom's exasperation with their behavior as toddlers and teenagers, their college indiscretions, their love lives, etc.

I can't help but think that we are experiencing a major shift in the way we look at privacy and its actual definition. …

Almost ready...

The last few weeks have been incredibly busy for me! I am trying so hard to finish up everything at work before our spring break begins. Also, I really want to get a lot of reading finished for the dissertation. This last chapter has been so difficult for me, because I am dealing with unfamiliar material and trying to rethink a lot of my plans for how it should work within the entire dissertation. Ugh. But, if I can just finish the reading by mid-week next week, then I can start writing a bit more.

Coming up here and/or at The Friendly Reader:

Reviews of both books I am reading for the dissertation A review of a wonderful new children's book--you are going to LOVE this onePictures of Madison during spring break  :)Pictures of Mylee's first birthday party! I can't believe it has been a year since Melanie and Josh had her!
Other than that, my plans for blogging over spring break are pretty low key. I hope everyone is reading something that you enjoy! Until next time..  :)

Congratulations, Elizabeth!

A big congratulations goes out to my friend and coworker, Elizabeth Wade! She just successfully defended her dissertation and is a PhD!!! YAY!

PS: I am living for this moment.  :)

Elizabeth Gilbert speaks about writing/nurturing creativity:

I am still really busy, but this is a great video!

Elizabeth Gilbert


First of all: Everyone, please say a little prayer for Tuscaloosa and every area under the severe weather warnings. We are all nervous around here today. the post:

As a joke, I went on Google to type in "I hate tornadoes," just to see if there was a Facebook page I could like. Well, as I am typing in my search in Google's search bar, I see the following pop up as my first automatic option (you know...when Google suggests a search term for you as you type? I am sure there is a real word/term for this, but I am not that tech savvy...):

I hate my teenage daughter



I mean, are there that many people typing in "I hate my teenage daughter" as a search term???? I know that teenagers can make all of us crazy. Kids turn from adorable, cuddly babies into strange mini-adults/big-children who seem to constantly revert back to the terrible twos at times. I get it. Believe me. I have been a nanny and been on that side, even if I don't have my own childre…