First of all: Everyone, please say a little prayer for Tuscaloosa and every area under the severe weather warnings. We are all nervous around here today. the post:

As a joke, I went on Google to type in "I hate tornadoes," just to see if there was a Facebook page I could like. Well, as I am typing in my search in Google's search bar, I see the following pop up as my first automatic option (you know...when Google suggests a search term for you as you type? I am sure there is a real word/term for this, but I am not that tech savvy...):

I hate my teenage daughter



I mean, are there that many people typing in "I hate my teenage daughter" as a search term???? I know that teenagers can make all of us crazy. Kids turn from adorable, cuddly babies into strange mini-adults/big-children who seem to constantly revert back to the terrible twos at times. I get it. Believe me. I have been a nanny and been on that side, even if I don't have my own children. I have also taught pre-teens and young teens, high school kids, and college kids. I GET IT.


Hating them? REALLY? Teens may be crazy sometimes, but they can be amazing as well. I don't think that I would have recovered if I found out that my mom was searching for articles/sites that are titled "I hate my teenage daughter."

Look for the good, people. Look for the good.


Amy said…
We're nervous here too Susie! School will probably dismiss early and I'm glad. Got my "storm closet" ready last night as we have no basement...hoping these storms amounts to nothing...but I'm worried. I've been praying all morning for the safety of all in it's path.

I can't imagine how anyone could hate their child...teenagers or daughter is 8, and as I think ahead to her teenage years there's nothing in this world that she could do to make me hate her.

Praying you stay safe!
Susie said…
I hear you, Amy. Also, so glad you all are safe after the storms!

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