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Remembering the April 2011 Storms

Hi, everyone. Our magazine has placed online the full text (and pdf of the original printed version) of our recent feature article about last year's devastating storms and the damage they did in Alabama. Please check it out at:  Landmark Loss and Renewal: Update and Retrospective on the April 2011 Storms

An Update: My time at the Alabama Historical Association Conference

If you are friends with me on Facebook...and if you "Like" the Alabama Heritage page, then you will see most of these pictures there (along with a short post by me about the AHA meeting). In any case, I have been MIA for a while, and my posting on the blog likely will be scattered throughout the coming weeks. I have another conference next weekend, and we are getting ready to launch the summer issue's, I will be busy!

Still, I wanted to update you about  my wonderful weekend at the Alabama Historical Association (AHA) meeting. Donna (our editor) and I left on Thursday morning. We have no problems traveling together, as we are great friends as well as great coworkers. The AHA meeting was in Huntsville, Alabama, a place that I haven't spent longer than a day in since I was thirteen and attended "Space Academy" at the Space Center there. (I wasn't a fan of Space Academy, but that is a story for another time.)

NOTE: Most of these photos bel…

Ann Romney: There is no justifying this.

Ann Romney Defends Placing Dog in Carrier on Top of Car

I am not trying to make a political statement with this post. I don't care who you vote for--as long as you are voting.

The thing is that there is no justification for what Romney did to his dog. There is no way to whitewash it.  As my friend Kelly said: "If you would go to jail for doing it to your child, then maybe you
shouldn't do it to your pet."

Agreed, Kelly.

I can't believe that anyone would even THINK of doing something like this, let alone actually do it. Disgusting.

I don't know Mrs. Romney and I have nothing against her. I don't know her husband, and I have nothing against him--except this. I wish that when people did something wrong that they would just own up to it. It would make me respect them a lot more.

Can this be real???

I am in a whole new state of happiness right now.

Here is the recipe. Bless the person who came up with this.

Bia Love: A New Food Blog

Hi, everyone! Please check out my former student's new blog! Elizabeth took a class from me a while back, and she was my intern for a year. Her new blog is a great look at heritage and cooking. So, check out "Bia Love"!!!

Katniss as hero: An article in the New York Times

"One reason Katniss may be speaking to so many is that she doesn’t just seem to be a new kind of female character but also represents an alternative to an enduring cultural type that the literary critic R. W .B. Lewis described as the American Adam. Lewis saw this type as “an individual emancipated from history, happily bereft of ancestry, untouched and undefiled by the usual inheritances of family and race; an individual standing alone, self-reliant and self-propelling, ready to confront whatever awaited him with the aid of his own unique and inherent resources.” Katniss, by contrast, is never liberated from history or ancestry, but deeply formed by them and they, as much as her awesome archery skills, help her through the slaughter of the games"
I really enjoyed reading "A Radical Female Hero From Dystopia," an article examining Katniss as a hero in the Hunger Games series. The literature nerd in me loved the comparisons between Katniss and Natt…

A Madison Story:

We have had our sweet Madison for two months now. She has really come out of her shell and is such a sweet and playful dog. The first night that Madison officially became ours, I went to WalMart and bought her some food and her first toy. The toy is a little stuffed squirrel, and we quickly began to call it "baby," because Madison totes it around EVERYWHERE...even sleeps with it sometimes.

I fully expected "baby" to only last a day or so, because Madison, while she isn't destructive, does have some anxiety issues, and I thought that she would tear it to shreds. She did not, however, and "baby," along with her new skunk "Pepe," are fixtures in the house.

Well, on Easter night, Madison came running up to me with "baby" in her mouth. She just looked panicked, and she turned around and ran away. I followed her and, down in the den, I saw the problem: "baby's" stuffing had come out. Madison had not ripped her up, but the s…

What have I been doing??

Hi, everyone! It has been a crazy month and it is only going to get crazier. I was summoned to jury duty last week, and, after being passed up for a case, I have been released this week. Yay! I don't mind serving, but two weeks is really too long. The rest of the month is hectic, too, as I will be doing lots of magazine stuff out of town. So, at the moment, my life is not my own!

I have been reading, though. I recently picked up Georgette Heyer's Arabella.

I have seen these books in the stores for years, but I never picked one up until last week. Though they are sweet and predictable, I have fallen in love with them! Georgette Heyer basically made the Regency romance genre. I loved the story and the characters, and I look forward to reading more of them. I just bought These Old Shades, and I will be taking it with me on my business trip coming up. 
I also recently read my friend Vicky's How to Ravish a Rake, the third in her Regency series. I really enjoyed it! I need to w…

Jury Duty

Sorry, everyone! I have been juggling work and jury duty, so I haven't had time to update. I will be back on soon!