A Madison Story:

We have had our sweet Madison for two months now. She has really come out of her shell and is such a sweet and playful dog. The first night that Madison officially became ours, I went to WalMart and bought her some food and her first toy. The toy is a little stuffed squirrel, and we quickly began to call it "baby," because Madison totes it around EVERYWHERE...even sleeps with it sometimes.

I fully expected "baby" to only last a day or so, because Madison, while she isn't destructive, does have some anxiety issues, and I thought that she would tear it to shreds. She did not, however, and "baby," along with her new skunk "Pepe," are fixtures in the house.

Well, on Easter night, Madison came running up to me with "baby" in her mouth. She just looked panicked, and she turned around and ran away. I followed her and, down in the den, I saw the problem: "baby's" stuffing had come out. Madison had not ripped her up, but the seam had come loose. So, I took the squirrel and went upstairs to the sewing kit. Madison followed close at my heels and watched me the entire time. Then, after getting thread and a needle, I went downstairs, where Madison sat right next to me and watched as I sewed "baby" back up. She looked so happy when I gave her the squirrel again, and she even slept with it under her chin the entire night! It was too cute!


James said…
Man, I love dogs! Ya'll are a perfect match, Susie!
Susie said…
Yes, we are, James! I love her! Hope you are doing well!

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