Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Writers that Led to Me Being Obsessed with Them

Today's "Top Ten Tuesday" is a freebie topic (at least it is if you didn't want to do the reality show one...and I don't watch a lot of I was lost!). In other words, we get to chose our own, or we can use the one supplied. At first, I hadn't planned on doing this week's prompt, but after dinner I came up with one: Ten Writers that Led to Obsession...or, at least, me being obsessed with them! The thing is that when I come across a writer I really love--one whose compilation of words makes me long to know that person inside and out--well, I become obsessed. I have to read all of their books/poems/essays and any biographies I can get my hands on. So, here we go...

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1. Truman Capote: 

Simply because he is foremost on my mind right now! I became interested in him after going to the Alabama Writers Symposium in Monroeville. When I came home, I immediately went out and bought his first book, Other Voices, Other Rooms. Oh. My. Gosh. Wow. He is AMAZING. Since then, I have watched Capote and bought In Cold Blood. AMAZING. I haven't started In Cold Blood yet, but I have to read the book that basically killed him. The movie was so agonizing to watch that I carried the emotional weight around with me for days. I'll keep you posted.

2. Thomas Hardy:

I have written about my love of Jude the Obscure before on this blog. Seriously. I read this book in ONE sitting--which, if any of you have read Jude the Obscure, you know that that can seriously mess with your head. So dark and tragic. But I loved it...and I became obsessed with Thomas Hardy's novels. I have read several, and I have never been disappointed.

3. J. K. Rowling:

Oh, wow. I LOVE the Harry Potter series. Rowling's novels inspired me so much that I actually submitted a conference paper to an academic HP conference in England at Oxford University...and flew my little Alabama self over there to present it. I still think that it is one of the highlights of my life. The presentation also led to a publication--my first academic publication--so...SCORE. I can't speak highly enough of this series. It is so important and touches on so many aspects of history, culture, mythology, literature, religion, human relationships...the list goes on and on. If you have never read them, do yourself a favor and jump in! PLUS: J. K. Rowling is one of the most amazing people to listen to in an interview. She is only topped by...

4. Anne Rice:

Oh, wow. This woman is AMAZING. I was never one for the core Lestat books--at least, not at first! But I read Servant of the Bones and Violin...and fell in love with Anne Rice's works. Then, I read Pandora...and WOW. I love her work, and she is the most fascinating person to listen to in an interview. She knows a little bit about everything and has a curiosity that is unquenchable. I could listen to her for hours. Again, if you haven't read her stuff, do yourself a favor and read, read, read. Or, download/buy the interview. PHENOMENAL. Also, if you don't like the paranormal stuff, read Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt. I LOVED that book, and I usually don't take to religious fiction at all. Her interpretation of Jesus as a child is stunning. I loved everything about it, and it was another book that stayed with me for a very long time. I haven't read the second book (The Road to Cana), but I will get to it one day.

5. Augusta Webster:

I was introduced to Augusta Webster in my Victorian Women's Poetry class, and I immediately fell in love with her dramatic poems ("Medea in Athens," in particular). I am stunned each time I read something by her--even if I have read it several times before! I feel connected to her work in a way that is inexplicable, and I constantly find myself obsessed with her work for days at a time.

6. Scarlett Thomas:

I read The End of Mr. Y long after I originally bought it in Oxford (yes, during the Harry Potter trip). This book captured my imagination, and I love it when I find a book that makes me force myself to read only one page a day when I know that I am coming to the end! I have read other books by Scarlett Thomas since the original obsession struck, but I still love The End of Mr. Y the best.

7. Charles Dickens:

(Source: Library of Congress)

I won't go into this one. If you read my blog regularly enough, you kind of know about our love/hate relationship. Still, ours is one of obsession. There are times when I eat, sleep, and breathe Dickens.

8. Frances Hodgson Burnett:

(Source: Library of Congress)

 Over the years, I have reread many books...but none as many times as I have reread The Secret Garden. I have such a deep love for that book that I have given it as gifts and written about it until I am blue in the face. I find comfort in it, and I have become a fan of Burnett's other books as a result (thank you, sweet Jane, for sending me A Little Princess!). I love the fact that her books are public domain, I can download them all for free! So, I am not obsessed with Burnett herself, but I am obsessed with her books. She will always have a place on my shelf, along with the first copy I ever owned of The Secret Garden (thanks to my Aunt Sharon).

9. Shakespeare:

(Source: Wikimedia Commons)

I can't imagine a world without the Bard. I have read Antony and Cleopatra so many times that all of my copies need to be replaced (yes: plural). I think, however, it is crucial to have the right teacher introduce you to Shakespeare. My first experiences were not always positive, but I fell in love (finally) when I went to school at USF. Shakespeare: you rock. I am so obsessed with Antony and Cleopatra alone that I read as many articles and watch as many productions of it as I can...and I am a Victorianist! Actually, however, it makes sense...because A&C saw a huge comeback during the nineteenth century. Cheers!

10. Oscar Wilde:

(Source: Library of Congress)

Ah, Oscar. How I love your work!!! I find you fascinating, too, but your work is what makes me obsessed with you over and over again. I cry each time I read a certain section of The Picture of Dorian Gray, and your fairy tales are some of the most beautiful in the world.

Yes, I have lapsed into a love letter, but I really do adore Wilde. I find him as fascinating as his work, and I never get tired of reading about him.


Amy said…
Loved this post! What a great list. A few of mine would be Laura Ingalls Wilder, Rose Wilder Lane, L.M. Montgomery, and James A. Michener.
Susie said…
Hi, Amy! Oh, yes--Laura Ingalls Wilder! I devoured her books!!! I hope you are doing well!
Anonymous said…
Now this is a Top Ten Tuesday idea that I can wrap my head & heart around. In fact, I love how you approached this so much that I think I'll jump in (late) this week and do one myself. Thanks for the inspiration!
Susie said…
Thanks! I enjoyed doing this one!

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