Racking up the free books!

So, because I am poor and always in need of something to read, I have ventured into the land of "free" Kindle books. Not the classics, but the promo deals or the ones by indie authors just trying to get noticed. I am fully aware that many of these may be really terrible, but I also know that I can find a jewel here or there. When I do, I will be sure to tell you all about it.

The great thing is that there are daily (sometimes hourly) changes to what Kindle offers for free. Getting a free book feeds my book addiction, but it costs me nothing. And sometimes, you can find really great deals by really well-known authors. For example, I downloaded a free novel by one of my favorite romance authors the other day. Not a snippet, but the whole thing! And, what I have found is that sometimes authors will let you download the first book in a series for free, hoping to get you hooked. I LOVE THEM FOR IT. Seriously.

So, if you have a Kindle (and, I suspect the same is true for  Nook) or if you just want to download the Kindle app to your computer to read from there, take a few minutes to browse each day! You might find something great!


Amy said…
I'm downloading free books onto my Kindle everyday. I love it. If you look everyday you can find some really great stuff

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