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So, um, yeah. I got a scanner.

Which means I will be boring you with all kinds of old photos as time goes by. :)

Here are two:

This is my friend, Katie, and I after our prom in 1994. As you can see, we took off our shoes first thing!

This was taken in 2004 (??...I think??). I am in the middle. We were getting ready to run in the Mercedes Marathon and Half Marathon. I had trained for the full, but due to illness I had to run the half. It was a great race, but the starting temperature was 22 degrees (F). Too cold!

Together at last...

Here I am with the handsome William Augustus Bowles...the two of us in the same room. Well, yes, I realize it is just his picture, but I will take it. :)
Anyway, this is me giving a presentation at the Sylacauga Public Library. It was a great time, and everyone was so nice! When I get to talk about my history crush on Bowles,  I have a good day.

Getting in the holiday mood!

We took group photos this morning for our holiday mailing. Sara and I were the only ones wearing red, so we decided to take a shot together! December is right around the corner...  :)

Another review is up!

See my review of The Rebel Wife at my blog Alabama Letters!

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Authors I am Thankful for in this World!

As usual, the ideas for this listing are brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish. Check out their site and add a link to your own list!

Top Ten Authors I am Thankful for in this World!
1. Harper Lee. As a fellow Alabamian, she makes me proud. She might have published only one novel, but look at what that novel did for the world. Amazing.

2. J. K. Rowling. I am grateful for the whole experience of reading the Harry Potter novels, for having been involved in the fandom (and still am), and for the knowledge that books still bring people together in ways that (oddly enough) defy language. Most of all, I thank Rowling for Snape. :)

3. Ann M. Martin. I am grateful to her for so many wonderful books that helped make me such a voracious reader as a child. BSC forever!

4. Charles Dickens. I am grateful to Dickens because, even in his darkest plots, he manages to give his heroes dignity, humanity, and purpose. XO, Little Jo.


My thoughts on Stone Barrington

Stuart Woods's "Stone Barrington" series was recommended to me years ago, when I lived in Florida. Since then, I have heard many women talk about how wonderful Stone is--even that he is their dream man. I am reading the third Stone Barrington novel, Dead in the Water, and I have to say that I am totally confused as to why any woman would want to be involved with this man. I like the books so far, but I have to say that unless something drastic happens...well, I am not a fan of the male lead. He is likable in most aspects of the story, but his relationships with women are ridiculous. Each woman proclaims him (in some manner) to be her best lover, he cheats on his girlfriends, and, yet, he is totally ignorant about women. I don't care if he maintains a relationship with a female character or not, but his lack of depth is astounding. As a writer, Woods could turn a womanizer into a character of tremendous depth, but he chooses not to do so. Just when I think that I have…

Alabama Letters: A Blog about Alabama Books and Authors

I've started yet another blogging project! To keep myself motivated and to expand readership of Alabama authors and books, I have started my Alabama Letters blog. The first review is already up! Join!

Reading Challenge for 2013: Read Your State (Or Region or country...)

Over the last few years (that is when I started to notice this trend, at least), many bloggers have decided to embark upon various "Reading Challenges." I joined the most basic of them last year when I committed to read 50 books (of any kind) in 2012. I haven't quite met my goal, nor do I know if I will, but considering everything that I have had to do over the last year, I feel good about being over half-way through it.

I recently joined the "Classics Club," but that is a reading list of 50 classics that you must read over a five year period. (Note: You can find my reviews at my Victorian book blog titled "One Word More.")

Anyway, I have decided upon my reading challenge for 2013. It is one of my own making. So, if anyone wants to join me, I am committing to read at least 12 books (one per month) written by Alabama authors. You, of course, would choose authors from your own state...unless you just want to be cool like me and read those from Alabama. …

Thoughts about post-dissertation reading...

I have been curious for quite some time about what my reading life would be like after I finished the dissertation. My reading patterns while working on the diss for the last 2 1/2 years, and during the last 10 years that I have been in graduate school (not just for the PhD), have been typical of my personality. I would read and work like mad on course or dissertation related materials. Then, my mind would rebel, and I would indulge in a few weeks of reading YA or romance novels. I always came back to my studies, but reading the fun books was a type of relaxation and recharging for me. I am a big believer in this if you are a graduate student. Reading something completely fantastical or unrealistic or romantic always recharged me. I went back to my dissertation ready to explore new ideas and full of energy. I would often dream of the day when I didn't have to worry about the dissertation...when I wouldn't be obligated to read 800-page Victorian novels. So, I just knew that aft…


My review of Daughter of Smoke and Bone is up at my book blog: The Friendly Reader.

Dad on his grandfather's farm:

Found this old photo of my dad (sorry...the quality isn't great! I just took a quick photo of it!).  It is too cute!

And the month of craziness comes to a close...sort of...

Well, my ultra busy month has finally come to an end. My boss, coworker, and I had a great time at the conference (see photo below), but I am exhausted. I thought this would be the end of travel and craziness for a while, but I just found out that I will need to be out of town on Friday, too. Oh, well. At least I am with people I like!

PS: VOTE!!!!