Reading Challenge for 2013: Read Your State (Or Region or country...)

Over the last few years (that is when I started to notice this trend, at least), many bloggers have decided to embark upon various "Reading Challenges." I joined the most basic of them last year when I committed to read 50 books (of any kind) in 2012. I haven't quite met my goal, nor do I know if I will, but considering everything that I have had to do over the last year, I feel good about being over half-way through it.

I recently joined the "Classics Club," but that is a reading list of 50 classics that you must read over a five year period. (Note: You can find my reviews at my Victorian book blog titled "One Word More.")

Anyway, I have decided upon my reading challenge for 2013. It is one of my own making. So, if anyone wants to join me, I am committing to read at least 12 books (one per month) written by Alabama authors. You, of course, would choose authors from your own state...unless you just want to be cool like me and read those from Alabama. :)

In any case, that is it! I will be reading other things, of course, but I want to become more familiar with the books from my home state. So, cheers and happy reading!


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