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My sweet friend, Elizabeth

Did they even read the book????

Review of Francine Prose's "Anne Frank: The Book, The Life, The Afterlife"

The review of "The Hunger Games" that sums up some of my concerns much better than I can at the moment!

Review: The Hunger Games: the movie


The Small House at Allington, by Anthony Trollope

The Selfish Giant (by Oscar Wilde, Dan Goeller, Chris Beatrice, and Martin Jarvis)

Happy 1st Birthday, Mylee!

Elizabeth Lemon, My Dear Friend, I Will Miss You.

No Name by Wilkie Collins

Spring Break, Day 1: Madison experiences the Quad

The future of privacy in literature and film; Or, a long rant that leads to discussion of Victorian literature, horror films, the Duggars, and (of course) the Hunger Games.

Almost ready...

Congratulations, Elizabeth!

Elizabeth Gilbert speaks about writing/nurturing creativity: