A New Year's Resolution

Usually, I think New Year's resolutions are crap. I mean, all of us go in with good intentions, but we know that a month later (if that long) we probably have fallen off the wagon. I recently heard that one reason resolutions fail is because we try to do too much. I think this is true. But, in spite of my personal feelings, I decided to make a resolution this year. :)

I have decided that this is the year that I will not buy any books. GASP.

Yes, I know.

But I received so many book gift cards (already redeemed, of course) that now my to-be-read list is huge.

NOTE TO ALL: Don't get me wrong. I LOVE GIFT CARDS. :)

But I need to get through this pile of books! So, I am reading only what I have. Also, I wanted to make this resolution because I think the public should make use of the public libraries more often. Ours is always busy, but usually the people in there are engaging in tutoring sessions or meetings. I used to get all of my books from the public library, but I just haven't in recent years. SO...I am going back, people. It is time. Not only will this save money, but I can also experiment with the services offered by the library. I have never tried half of what they offer, so I am excited about it.

So, there we are. No books for a year. Can I do it? We will see! The only exceptions I am allowing myself will be for my birthday and Christmas, when I know that I will receive gift cards. It isn't good to let those sit around too long...  :)  Anyway, here's to the new year! It will be really hard for me to wait to read a new book by a favorite author, but I keep telling myself that, realistically, I have been disappointed too often over the last few years when I have rushed out to get a new book by a favorite author and then not enjoyed it.

I hope you all have good resolutions and can keep them. On to the challenge!


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