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Right now, I am in the middle of reading two books. One is Through Angel's Eyes, which is about the Civil Rights movement in 1960s Birmingham, and the other is a novel about the Borgias. In spite of my best efforts, I found I needed a break in between Augusta Evans Wilson novels! I am reading her stuff out of order, too, because I need to shake things up a bit. I will be reading Infelice soon.

I am dragging a bit today because I was up late watching the double episodes of Dallas. It is great to start a new season, and Larry Hagman is just brilliant. I know I will cry when he dies on the show! I just love him. No one could ever play JR, and I am glad that the writers decided that making his death real on the show was the way to go. I do love the character of John Ross Ewing, JR's son! Wow! He has potential to sort of fill in the enormous gap left by JR. He is excellent!

As many of you know, I am a big Dallas fan! I used to watch the show when I was a little girl (when the original was airing on television), but I didn't remember much about it. When I moved to Tampa years ago, my mom sent me the DVDs of Dallas for my birthday (the first three seasons). I was totally addicted!! I have enjoyed the new show so much, because the writers/directors/producers have made so many good decisions about its revival. Linda Gray is just amazing, and, though I am not a fan of "Bobby Ewing," I still enjoy seeing Patrick Duffy onscreen. So, anyway, I am VERY happy with the show!

In other news, I have been doing a lot of researching and writing (mostly for my Augusta Evans Wilson projects). Also in totally random news: I am becoming a bit obsessed with beekeeping. Yes. I know. Totally out of the blue! I am considering going to a beginning beekeeping course sometime over the next year. There are lots of beekeeping associations around here, and the local honey is sooooo delicious! I am a huge fan of honey. Anyway, I don't want to become a beekeeper (just too much time that I don't have), but I would like to learn about bees and local honey...and, basically, just how that all works out.

So, that is my update for today! Hang in there with me. I will have a new review soon...but production has started up at the magazine again, so you know that means that my life is a bit hectic at the moment!


Amy said…
I am a huge fan of honey too! I have become very aware of where my food is coming from lately, and I've been appalled at some of the things I'm finding out, milk and butter, absolutely no margerine, cage free eggs, no more microwave popcorn or aspartame, bpa free plastics or glass when possible, and paying the little extra for made in the USA dishes, glasses, silverware, etc. Good luck on the beekeeping classes. I think that will be so much fun! I just learned that if you eat local honey it helps with allergies...who knew!
Susie said…
I hear you. So many horrible things find their way into our food sources these days. It is really scary!
Sheryl Wright said…
Augusta Evans Wilson's female protagonists (although I adore them all) can be frustrating because their incredible sense of "duty" often denies me the ending I'm hoping for. "Irene" in MACARIA is the most fruatrating of them all. "Irene" refuses to marry her true love,"Russell," because of some crazy loyalty to her dad--even after her dad's death.

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