The Lux Series

Have any of you read the Lux series? I am hearing really good things about it. I have the first one (shown above) on my iPad, because it was offered really cheap (maybe it was even free...I can't remember) on at one time. I haven't read it yet, but I do remember downloading it because I read an excellent review. There are 450 ratings for the book on Amazon, and most seem positive. Anyway, just curious...


I've been wanting to read this series for quite some time. I read an excerpt of it somewhere and I loved it. :)
Ifrah@Booksters' Cafe
Susie said…
I just read the first couple of chapters and it is great so far!
LHughes said…
I'm review the whole series this week on my blog! I've really enjoyed them as a fun/easy/guilty pleasure kind of read.

I like that the main character has an interest outside of the romance (books/blogging) and that she stands up to Daemon when he gives her a hard time.

I think the books are really fast-paced and there's great romantic chemistry!

Thanks for stopping by by TTT post! Looking forward to following your blog now :)

Lauren @ Hughes Reviews
Susie said…
LHughes, I will have to check out your reviews! Thanks for the follow!

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