Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Settings I Would Like to See More of in the Future!

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Cities or Countries....
1. Oxford, England. (I can't ever get enough.)
2. Prague, Czech Republic.
3. Mobile, Alabama. (Specifically, eighteenth and nineteenth century settings.)
4. Mexico (in general...and nothing about cartels!!!)
5. Thailand (in general).

Places/events/ etc...
1. Seminaries or other religious schools...odd, I know, but I would really love to read a grownup "school" novel in this setting.
2. More books set during the Borgia papacy!!! The books out there are not always wonderful, and I am totally obsessed with the show.
3. Ranches... and I don't mean romances set on ranches or hard-core westerns set on ranches. I want something that appeals to the Pioneer Woman in me (but that won't make me gag).
4.  Edwardian-era settings.
5. Archaeological sites. (And no Mayan doomsday's over, people.)


oxford, yes! One of my favorite places I still have to visit. I was in Cambridge and loved it! Prague must be amazing as well. Bartimaeus trilogy has some of that, great books.
patty said…
I LOVE 'The Borgias' so much! Great show. And books from then would be awesome too. Great list :)
Anne Bennett said…
Your list seems much more thoughtout than mine. Thanks for dropping by my blog.
Angela said…
Love the flowers in your header. It makes me yearn for summer. Montana Sky by Nora Roberts is set on a ranch and a pretty good read. There's some romance in it, but that's only a small part of the plot. Great top ten!
LHughes said…
I like how you divided up your post into cities and types of places.

Have you read Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor? Because that takes place in Prague. It's a beautifully written fantasy, though very strange and unique.

Great list!
Lauren @ Hughes Reviews

PS... You might get more comments if you turn off the robot word verification setting. It annoys a lot of people when they go to comment, but it's completely up to you.
Susie said…
Ula, I need to check out the Bartimaeus trilogy. I have heard good things about it!
Susie said…
Thanks, Patty!
Susie said…
Thanks, Anne!
Susie said…
Thanks, Angela! The flowers are a photo I took in Oxford, England. I love them. :) I will check out Montana Sky!
Susie said…
LHughes, Oh, yes! I read Daughter of Smoke and Bone. So atmospheric! It is what got me hooked on Prague!

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