Billy's Sports Grill in Northport

Just got back from a great lunch with some of the crew here at the magazine. We went to the newly opened Billy's Sports Grill, which is located in historic downtown Northport. The food was fantastic, and I love what they have done with the restaurant. The restaurant has been under construction for quite some time, so we have all been curious to see what it would look like. The owner took the old location of The Globe and  Opus, and he completely redid it, remaining faithful to the original nineteenth-century construction and architectural details.

The bar is constructed out of heart pine found behind walls as they uncovered older parts of the building. The main centerpiece of the bar is an antique from France.

The walls are plaster -- not sheet rock-- and it is just gorgeous!

Anyway, the food was fantastic. I had fish tacos and grilled veggies (very light and good); my boss and her husband had chicken and steak wraps; and my coworker, Rebecca, had a delicious looking burger (and the onion rings were awesome!).

Here are some photos...(sorry...they aren't very good, but we were in a hurry!)...


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