New Reviews!

I have new reviews up at Alabama Letters and I Love YA Books! (Yes, I decided to continue with WordPress. Heaven help me.)


Arabella said…
Just skipped over and checked out the other posts. Just curious honestly how does wordpress compare?
Susie said…
I am a bit undecided on WordPress.

The pros:
1. There is a more artistic feel to the templates. They are clean and nice to look at.
2. There are so many templates to choose from (great free ones and several paid...and they add more all of the time).
3. Lots of really cool little behind the scenes features that we don't have on Blogger.

The cons:
1. VERY limited ability to manipulate the template (without paying).
2. Limited widgets.
3. Only follow by E-mail or through WordPress, so I don't get to see my followers directly as I do in Blogger.

This is what I have discovered so far, anyway.

I am just experimenting with these free things on (which is the free site for blog hosting). The magazine I work for is probably going to use WordPress to host its website (which means it will work through The site is a place to design your website, but you have to pay for your domain name and web space, among other things. So, I am playing around with basic features so that I can have at least a basic knowledge of how the blogging tools work.

I guess if I had a lot of money, then I would create a web site with WordPress. The paid features are amazing and totally outdo Blogger. But, just for blogging...I do love the ease of Blogger!

Thanks for commenting!

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