Some of my favorites..

I have been scanning in a lot of photos recently, and these are two of my favorites!

This is a photo of my great grandmother, Irene Neville (who married Charles Reynolds). Irene is the young girl on the left. (I have no idea who the child on the right could be!) I imagine that this was taken at a tourist attraction type of spot. Irene was born in Nebraska in 1891, but she and her parents moved to Douglas, Arizona, when she was a child (some time after her older brother died...he drowned when he was only eight  or nine years old). I know that sometime before age 14, when her mother (Irene Rector Neville) died, she was enrolled at Loretto Academy in Las Cruces, New Mexico Territory. I don't know how long she stayed there, but her friendship with one of the nuns at the convent school remained solid throughout her life. At some point, there is a record of Irene Neville going to school in Washington, DC, but she returned to Nebraska at some point (probably around the time her father died in Arizona in 1909), and she eventually married my great grandfather, Charles McDonald Reynolds in 1911. She had two sons, Charles Morrison Reynolds (born 1912), who died in his twenties of heart problems, and my grandfather, William Neville Reynolds (born 1919). The boys were born in North Platte, Nebraska, but sometime between 1910 and 1920 (according to census records), the family moved to Omaha, NE. Then, they moved to Chicago. At some point, Irene and Charles separated. This event, accompanied by her son Charles's death in 1938, likely led to severe depression. Sadly, in 1942, she died. Her last living son, William Reynolds (my grandfather), would die in 1959 (of cancer).

I love this photo as well! This is a photo of my grandmother, Jean Reynolds, and her first three children: Jeanne (standing in back), my father Dave, and Sharon (seated in her mother's lap). Jean, my grandmother, was married to William Neville Reynolds, Irene Reynolds's younger son. My grandmother is still living--just turned 91! Sharon, seated in her lap, passed away in 2000.

More to come this weekend!


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