Pottermore. Yes. I caved.

So, in my renewed obsession with all things Harry Potter (well, okay, let's face it...the obsession has never gone away), I decided to log on to Pottermore during my lunch hour. Holy cow. What a mistake! I spent forever on there! I set up an account when it began, but I was a bit jaded by its purpose at the time. I just saw it as another way for JKR to make money (not that she shouldn't, but I was afraid there would be pointless crap on there).

But today I set up a new account!! Now that I am also totally obsessed with all things digital publishing related, I find this site absolutely AMAZING!!! It is awesome! And it really does provide a great interactive reading experience for kids new to the series as well.

The little girl who lives next door to me just started the series, and today, when I logged on, I thought about her and how cool it would be for her to get on this site. She can totally live out the books as she reads them, finding out new information and deleted scenes, collecting items for play, and making potions....all kinds of awesomeness!

The site is also wonderful for former readers, if you have the patience to get through the intro chapters you explore in book one. I love finding out the extra info (and, I must admit, making my first potion ROCKED!!).  I am curious to know how the Snape content will play out. The site has new content added regularly (of course, you can buy your ebook versions of the Potter series there as well), and it will take me a really long time to work through it.

It is a totally new aspect to fandom, because there seems to be a really strong community around it. I dropped out of the HP fandom for a while (though I continued to read fanfic), but talking with the little girl next door, playing on Pottermore, and, consequently, downloading the first book off the site has filled me with that old excitement!! I really want to go to another convention now!!! (Can't afford it, though...RWA (Romance Writers of America) conference this year!)

So, check out Pottermore. See what you think.

PS: I was sorted into Ravenclaw. I am so happy!!!


Arabella said…
I have not really used Pottermore but I have set up links to it on library websites and blogs and I know a lot of younger readers who use it to enhance and extend their reading experience of the Potter books, my daughter who is 19 now and at uni joined and she still reads fanfic when she wants to relax. I keep thinking it is time for me to re-read the novels. I was a little disappointed with the last novel, I felt perhaps it needed some tighter editing but then a first reading is not really enough to make a full and fair evaluation. My favourite titles from the series were The Prisoner of Azkaban and The Half Blood Prince definitely time for a re-read.

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