Skipping out on "Top Ten Tuesday"...

So, I wasn't really feeling the "Top Ten Tuesday" theme for today, so I thought I would make my own. As you might have seen in my last post, this week is the U.S. Holocaust Days of Remembrance, so I thought I would make a list of ten books about the Holocaust (or that are related to the Holocaust)...

1. Night (really, the Night trilogy) by Elie Wiesel.

2. The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank.

3. The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak.

4. Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum.

5. Auschwitz: A Doctor's Eyewitness Account by Miklos Nyiszli.

6. Schindler's List by Thomas Keneally.

7. Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay.

8. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne.

9. Maus: A Survivor's Tale by Art Spiegelman.

10. The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom.

Of course, there are so many more...but this is a place to start.


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