R.I.P. Kilgore House

“I have spent the past three years writing an architectural history of the University of Alabama for the UA Press (it will be available this September), so I am very familiar with the campus. I think the demolition of the Kilgore House today was a terrible loss for the University and also Bryce Hospital.

“The University has spent a tremendous amount of time and money developing a well thought out master plan and a set of architectural guidelines for future growth that (on paper, but obviously not in practice) pay respect to and "protect" the historical portions of campus. These guidelines also emphasize ‘green solutions’ whenever possible (sending a 123 year old house to a landfill is not one of them). Demolishing an historic building with many important historical and architectural links to the history of both the University of Alabama and to Bryce Hospital is, in my opinion, shocking. Replacing it with an ‘outdoor food court’ leaves me speechless.” 

-- Dr. Robert Mellown, Associate Professor of Art History Emeritus

Agreed, Dr. Mellown. The historic Kilgore House is being torn down today and tomorrow. As some of you know, I used to work there (as of last July...we were moved out and into another historic home, which is also lovely, in downtown N'port). Anyway, this is my favorite photo of the house (well, the interior, at least). I was upstairs in my office when a violent thunderstorm began. I was a bit scared to be up there (the chimney over my office was unstable and the wind was really blowing hard), so I came down and sat on the staircase. This photo shows how warm and homey our work space was.

I wrote almost all of my dissertation at the Kilgore House, and I made friends with more than one ghostly presence. :)  I will miss the house terribly.

Click HERE for an article about the Kilgore House.


Man Candy Fans said…

What a shame! I love historical houses.
Man Candy Fans said…

What a shame that the house cannot be renovated!
Susan Reynolds said…
I agree, Vicky! It just makes me sick.

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