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Saw this on my Tumblr page, and thought I would repost here...

From “With the Dead" "And now I rest! A dreadful rest, accursed,
Made weary with despair and furious
With the old hate and the old bitter love:
Because I must, despite myself, remember…" —Augusta Webster

I miss being on vacation...

...basically because I  miss seeing this face all day long. :)

RWA 2013

So, I am finally rested up from attending the Romance Writers of America conference in Atlanta last week! I had a great time, met so many amazing and inspiring people, and learned a ton! I am officially addicted to RWA, and since I returned, I have already downloaded several audio recorded sessions from the 2012 conference! So, here is a rundown:

Day 1: Arrival, orientation, literacy book signing event! Everything went really well. I got checked into my room early, picked up my registration packet (and my "first timer" ribbon!...PS: WEAR THIS IF YOU GO! You only get it once, and it really does help. People are super nice to you and help you navigate the craziness that is your first time to the conference.), and went to the first-timer's orientation. If you plan on going to your first RWA event, definitely go to this session. You are introduced to a lot of terms (some you know and others you may not), and you also learn the important "dos and don'ts of the confer…

So, yeah. I've been out of the loop.

Sorry for not posting! I have been super busy, trying to get all of my work affairs in order before leaving for vacation in about a week! That and getting the summer issue to the printer has made life exhausting.

I am super excited about having some time off. I really need to recharge (and sleep). I will be going to the RWA conference, so I will write a blog or two about it! Anyway, until next time, have a great week!