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I heart professors who are also romance authors...

I was out on campus for a conference (actually, and "unconference") last week/weekend, and I came across this office door in New College:


I immediately tweeted this picture (and one below) to my friend, author Vicky Dreiling. We are so happy that a college professor is giving the "okay" to read romance novels! Then, I wondered....who is this person? Well, it turns out that she (Catherine Roach) writes under the name Catherine LaRoche! Her first novel, Master of Love, was published by Simon & Schuster last year! She is also working on a scholarly book about the romance genre, which makes me extremely happy right now!

Anyway, next to her door is a sign-up sheet for students who would like to "come on in" and "borrow a romance novel"! (I love the highlighting.)

And, of course, I can't resist this sign...

Rock on, fellow romance writers. Rock on.