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How does this much time pass?

So, I looked at the date of my last blog post and realized that--yet again--I have slacked on the blog. Lots of things happened since my last post: family health craziness and a big move to new offices at work (among other things). So, yes, I have been busy.

Most of my time over the last few weeks has been spent getting the next issue of the magazine ready for the designer and packing boxes. Smaller amounts of time have been spent at "surplus"--a big warehouse that is basically our only option for furniture where I work. #lifeatanonprofit (as a FB friend puts it)

Anyway, you have to go to surplus *MANY* times to actually find something. Most of the time, you just come across stuff like this:

I actually took this photo today. I had to go back to surplus to find a table for my printer, and I saw this desk up on the second level of shelves. It made me sad. The photo is bad, but basically this desk...leaning and missing a one of the many fine items available for us …