Vacation: Day 2

Today was a fun day! I had a friend and fellow writing buddy signing books at Barnes & Noble, so I decided to make it a big family day. I loaded up the parents, and we went up to Flip Burger Boutique for lunch and then to the book signing. We all had the Oaxaca burger (AMAZING), and then we decided to have milkshakes...which always makes for a good day. (Yes, that would be me taking a picture of myself in the reflective ball is to the right.)

The book signing was great! My friend Nancee Cain was signing her book, and it was so great to see her there and signing as a published author! Dad was getting tired, so we couldn't stay too long, but it was a good time. Lots of laughter and relaxation, which is just what I needed.

I did take a short nap today, and then I went out to the assisted living center to visit my grandmother. And the evening was topped off by a fun phone call with my cousin, Jeff.

So, not a ton of thoughts to share today...just lots of fun!


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