Goals for the new year!

I stopped making resolutions a long time ago. They suck, and usually I make them too limiting. In the past, my resolutions usually had to do with denial, so I decided that this year I am going to make some goals for myself that include experiences and feeding the soul...rather than taking something away.

1. My reading goal on Goodreads is (heaven help me) 100 books in 2016. I have done this before, and I planned to do it last year...but life...well, yeah. Anyway, that is my goal, even if I read really short books! (Which, let's face it, is probably all I have time for anyway.)

2. Cooking more. When I cook. I feel more centered. I haven't done a lot of cooking in the last several years, and I miss it. I cooked a lot when I was an undergrad and working on my master's degree, but when I got into my PhD work and also started my job at the magazine, I let it slide. I mean, sure...I cook. But not what I call "soul feeding" cooking. You know what I mean. Those recipes that take some time and planning. Not just throwing the usual pasta in the pot or sticking something in the oven really fast. So, my goal is to try one new recipe a week (probably on the weekends). I am starting this week, and I am really  looking forward to it. UPDATE 1/13/16: This will be put off by at least a week. My oven just went out last night! UGH!

3. Writing. Wow. I have really let this one slide, and it has been my fault completely. Personal issues have really created a block over the last few years, but I'm feeling better now. But that hasn't been the only thing to stop me. Basically, I haven't been taking myself seriously as a writer over the last two years. That has to stop. I have to start saying no to family and friends and make sure that I have a set schedule of time for writing--whether that be note taking for research or free writing or anything related to what I am working on. I need set goals, and I started that today, too. My goal is to have a draft of a new novel by December 31, 2016.

4. Exercise. I've been good about being consistent with some form of exercise over the last two years. I do at least one mile six to seven days a week. But one mile, even jogging, is too easy. My main issue is fatigue. Sometimes, I just want to sleep! But, I have to push myself harder and get back to multiple miles each day. I stopped because I was getting too thin at one point. My body responds really well to exercise, in terms of weight loss, so I have to be careful. But I don't feel as strong as I used to feel. My goal is to do at least three miles a day four days a week. And maybe one day do something longer. Eventually (not this year), I want to do another half marathon. But that is something I don't feel the desire to train for right now, and I know what a commitment it is to train. You have to be all in, or you won't get anywhere.

5. Gardening. I used to do a little of this with my dad years ago. The ground outside is too hard for me to dig up and I don't have a tiller. So, I need to learn some container gardening skills.

I will keep you posted, because another goal is to blog more. :)


Cathy Copeland said…
What wonderful goals! :)
Good luck accomplishing them!!
Susan said…
Thanks, Cathy! I'm remaining optimistic!

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