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This Election: My Thoughts and Going Forward

Well, here we are. November 9, 2016. And we have a new president. A "man" who has openly admitted to sexual assault, who has repeatedly proved himself to be a racist, who has absolutely no intent of uniting this country, and--well--you all know the rest of it.

To my international friends, I am sorry. This is embarrassing and shameful. We are in dangerous times, and though America has often failed in the international sphere, this election outcome is especially dangerous.

To my fellow Americans--that slight majority of us who voted for Clinton even though our electoral college system rules the roost--don't give up. Don't let anger and sadness keep you in a state of inaction. Give yourself a little time, but then get right back up and continue the fight.

For white people who voted for Clinton: You did the right thing. But we have been naive in thinking that there has been any kind of significant change in attitude in this country since the civil rights movement. I trul…


Alright, everyone. I haven't said much about politics on this blog, but I will say what is probably obvious: I am emphatically against Donald Trump. This election has brought out the worst in Americans, but whatever side you fall on, the beautiful thing is that we can vote. So, tomorrow, make sure you vote.

And to the women: VOTE PROUDLY. Never forget what our female ancestors went through so that we could vote.

Stand tall. Vote proudly. Never forget your rights.

I'm Just Going to Leave this Here.