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I don't even recognize my country anymore.

The depths of depravity, corruption, and soullessness in the Trump administration is staggering. The unwillingness of people to work together is horrible. Too many people, out of a hatred for our former president, have decided that it doesn't matter what Trump does, because they have such hate in their hearts for Obama. Trump has no ideals. He has no policy other than to try to undo anything Obama ever did. That is shameful, especially because he doesn't care who he hurts in the process. Instead, he bolsters himself with rallies, tries to indoctrinate children at an event that should never be political, and feeds people a line of hate and untruth. There is nothing about this presidency that is "Making America Great Again." All we've heard over the years is that we have to bring a God-fearing conservative back into the White House. Well, you can't hijack God and still try to harm people through your actions. It doesn't work that way. We have hypocrisy at i…