I don't even recognize my country anymore.

The depths of depravity, corruption, and soullessness in the Trump administration is staggering. The unwillingness of people to work together is horrible. Too many people, out of a hatred for our former president, have decided that it doesn't matter what Trump does, because they have such hate in their hearts for Obama. Trump has no ideals. He has no policy other than to try to undo anything Obama ever did. That is shameful, especially because he doesn't care who he hurts in the process. Instead, he bolsters himself with rallies, tries to indoctrinate children at an event that should never be political, and feeds people a line of hate and untruth. There is nothing about this presidency that is "Making America Great Again." All we've heard over the years is that we have to bring a God-fearing conservative back into the White House. Well, you can't hijack God and still try to harm people through your actions. It doesn't work that way. We have hypocrisy at its finest.

Today Trump told a group of children to do what makes them happy and to live their dreams, while during the same day he has banned transgender people from serving in our armed forces. Anyone who is willing to die for this country deserves the utmost respect. Transgender service members have been in the military for ages. They have served honorably. So many complain about costs for surgeries...but consider that the government spends five or more times that on viagra for the military.

The Republicans want to destroy healthcare rights for our country's most vulnerable, but they constantly bring up Jesus and Christianity. Last time I checked, Jesus said to care for the sick and poor. Last time I checked, Jesus commanded us to be compassionate to our neighbors. I'm not seeing any of that now. I've had people try to tell me that it isn't their problem that others are suffering. Why should they be forced to take care of others? I'm betting that most of these people consider themselves Christians. You are mandated to take care of others in the Christian faith. And, in case these people haven't noticed, taking care of others also takes care of you. Making sure people have healthcare benefits all of us.

Is the ACA in bad shape? Absolutely. It needs to be fixed. But there are a lot of good things about the ACA, too. Last night, someone tried to convince me that she did not benefit from the ACA at all. How is this possible? As a woman, we benefit by getting certain essential health benefits--like mammograms. We have maternity care included in our essential health benefits. If we get cancer, we can't be charged more for insurance. If our child is born with a severe health problem, we don't have to worry that they won't be able to afford insurance later in life. But these are all things the Republicans want to take away--at least in every version of the bill we've seen so far. Who knows what will happen tonight or in the future. As someone who has a pre-existing condition, this is very frightening to me. And my pre-existing condition is nothing compared to so many others'. In a country that is supposed to be wealthy and medically advanced, no one--NO ONE--should fear not being able to afford insurance or treatment or medicine.

That being said, the premiums currently are out of control in states that have opted out. This is wrong, too. People have suffered under the ACA as well, but they are looking at their suffering in terms of money. This is a problem that can be fixed and should be fixed. However, taking away healthcare from millions is not acceptable. We will all pay for it in the end. The uninsured will drive up our costs again. Emergency rooms will be packed with non-emergency cases and patients will suffer. When an entire industry--from insurers to nuns running charities--come out against the proposed bills and amendments, something is wrong. Very wrong.

Healthcare and education are two issues I support with my entire being. Without a healthy and educated public, our country is nothing. We will sink into the backseat of the world stage, and all of us will be worse off for it. At this point, everything is noise, though. I don't see anything worthwhile happening. I don't see any legislation that would benefit us as a whole. All I see are power plays, ego, and violent rhetoric. This is not where we should be today.


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