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I'm reading Agatha Christie, and I am distressed.

Over the last year, I read my first Agatha Christie novel, And Then There Were None. I loved the story and the crazy characters. I love watching the Poirot mysteries on APT, along with the Miss Marple mysteries. But sometimes I get super frustrated with the racism in Christie's books. I mean, I realize its connected to "the times" in which she wrote, but I still shake my head at it sometimes.

I just read an article that mentions that some people say, (and I summarize in my own words), "Well, the racism is only coming from characters portrayed negatively." Yeah...okay...but she still titled one book "Ten Little N******." Sorry. That excuse doesn't fly.

But racism in "classics" is no new problem. Let's be honest: it is everywhere. You can hardly pick up a classic without facing racist ideas either directly or indirectly. Things do seem to be changing for the better, but I am still confused by the often indirect assumptions/stereotypes …

It is 2018!

Once again, it has been MONTHS since I last posted to this blog. But "HI!" anyway!

2017 was a genuine shit show in terms of our country and Trump, but I don't need to rehash that, because, let's face it, all we hear in the news is the latest crisis that our country's "leader" has initiated.

Instead, let's focus on some of the good things that happened in my world:

1. I read 48 books. I didn't meet my 50 book goal, but I'm proud of what I accomplished this year. I read in lots of genres, and I learned a ton. I did officially set a reading goal on Goodreads for this year, but only as a way to keep up with my reading. I don't really care if I meet it. This year is about quality over quantity, and I am only reading what I want to read.

2. I became more outspoken and stood up for my beliefs more--something I haven't always done.

3. I had my first hot flash. Yeah, some of you may not think that is a good thing, but I do! It is like a rite …