I'm reading Agatha Christie, and I am distressed.

Over the last year, I read my first Agatha Christie novel, And Then There Were None. I loved the story and the crazy characters. I love watching the Poirot mysteries on APT, along with the Miss Marple mysteries. But sometimes I get super frustrated with the racism in Christie's books. I mean, I realize its connected to "the times" in which she wrote, but I still shake my head at it sometimes.

I just read an article that mentions that some people say, (and I summarize in my own words), "Well, the racism is only coming from characters portrayed negatively." Yeah...okay...but she still titled one book "Ten Little N******." Sorry. That excuse doesn't fly.

But racism in "classics" is no new problem. Let's be honest: it is everywhere. You can hardly pick up a classic without facing racist ideas either directly or indirectly. Things do seem to be changing for the better, but I am still confused by the often indirect assumptions/stereotypes of people I see in modern novels, too.

Ugh. Anyway, just needed to vent a bit. Happy reading!


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