It is 2018!

Once again, it has been MONTHS since I last posted to this blog. But "HI!" anyway!

2017 was a genuine shit show in terms of our country and Trump, but I don't need to rehash that, because, let's face it, all we hear in the news is the latest crisis that our country's "leader" has initiated.

Instead, let's focus on some of the good things that happened in my world:

1. I read 48 books. I didn't meet my 50 book goal, but I'm proud of what I accomplished this year. I read in lots of genres, and I learned a ton. I did officially set a reading goal on Goodreads for this year, but only as a way to keep up with my reading. I don't really care if I meet it. This year is about quality over quantity, and I am only reading what I want to read.

2. I became more outspoken and stood up for my beliefs more--something I haven't always done.

3. I had my first hot flash. Yeah, some of you may not think that is a good thing, but I do! It is like a rite of passage, and I embrace it!

4. So many people have come together to embrace what is right and to fight against the ideology of racism and the worst president in our history.

5. My family stayed relatively healthy.

6. I had lots of great conversations with people and spent a lot of time with family.

7. I did more of what I wanted to do.

8. I went to Washington, DC, again. I saw a lot of great art and wonderful plays.

9. I found a lot of wonderful YouTube channels.

10. I learned to knit.

11. Doug Jones won!

12. I had several friends publish books and win awards!

So, do I have a resolution for 2018? Yes. To do whatever appeals to me. To get to know myself better.

I hope you all had a great New Year and that your 2018 is prosperous in whatever way you need it to be. Spread an abundance of love and light.


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