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Where has the time gone??

Once again, I've not posted in forever. Oh, well. Why break the habit that has steadily developed over the last several years? Anyway, I've been super busy. Between work, watching my country fall apart, and trying to be somewhat creative, there really isn't time for much.

I'm not going to spend any time talking about the orange fool in the White House. I mean, let's face it: everything is a complete shit storm. He's a complete embarrassment to this country and is completely unfit to be president. Enough said.

As for work, I am indeed busy. Lots of editing for the special issue coming up, and I am reworking an article so I am really busy and knee deep in research for that one.

I did join a writing critique group this year, and so far it has gone well--though with the amount of work I am having to do on the article mentioned above, I am not sure much "creative" writing will be accomplished these days.

Anyway, that is just a tiny update. Hope all is well…